Update 11/11/2016

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I’ve updated the Custom Sell Prices plugin today for the first time since release. Hopefully I’ll start actually posting more content! This update adds a plethora of new features that’ll hopefully bring this plugin new life!

Ed Engine FR – Custom Sell Prices

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Download Link: EEFR_CustomSellPrices.js

RPG Maker MV is a great engine, probably the best RPG Maker engine yet, but it still has a few problems that the other RPG Maker engines had as well. One of which is the inability to customize anything about selling items. You can easily customize which items a player can buy from shops, but nothing about the sell feature. That’s where this plugin comes in.
Custom Sell Prices is a simple plugin that does a few things. It modifies the default selling price formula and adds a few other ways for setting custom sell values.


Sell Percentage

By default, RPG Maker MV handles the selling of items fairly well, making the selling price for all items the default cost of that item divided by two(Cost / 2). This plugin improves that by overwriting that method, changing the cost to use a percentage value instead, and allows you to modify the percentage the default sell cost uses in the plugin’s parameters, so you can make the sell price 10 percent, 25 percent, or 75 percent of the item’s database cost, if you so wish.

Bonus Variable

This parameter allows you to select a variable to be used to determine a bonus to all sell prices. By default it’s off, but if you set this value to 5, game variable 5’s value will be used to calculate a percent bonus to the sell value. Example, if you have an item with a price 1000, and the Sell Percentage is 50, you’d normally sell it for 500. But if variable 5’s value is 50, you’d instead sell it for 750, because half of 500 is 250, and that amount is added to the final sale price.

Item, Weapon, and Armor Note Tag:


<Sell Cost: X>
If you wish to override the default sale algorithm, put this tag in the notes of any item, weapon, or armor you wish to override the sell cost of. Replace the X in the tag with any integer value, and the item will sell for that value in shops.

Screenshot 2015-11-01 16.32.29

<Sell Percent: X>

This tag allows you to calculate the sell price using its own percent value, rather than the default one set in the parameter. Keep in mind, when used in the same box as the <Sell Price: X> tag, that one will take priority over this one.

<No Sell Bonus>

This tag will cause the sell bonuses to be ignored when determining this item’s sell value.

Plugin Commands:

CustomSellBonus +X%
CustomSellBonus -X%
CustomSellBonus =X%

With these three plugin commands you can use a temporary modifier that affects sell value just like the Bonus Variable. It even stacks with the bonus variable’s effect. The only difference is that this modifier doesn’t save when you save the game, and is lost when you close the game.

To be clear, CustomSellBonus +X% increases the current modifier by X, CustomSellBonus -X% decreases the current modifier by X, and CustomSellBonus =X% overwrites the current modifier with X. The default modifier when you load up the game is 0.

Terms and Conditions:

This plugin may be freely used for commercial or noncommercial products created with RPG Maker MV. If you publish any modifications to this plugin, you are to link back here to the original publication.

Final Thoughts:

In the end it’s a really small and simple plugin, but it’s my first release for MV, and my first delve into Javascript. I’ll do what I can to fix bugs and update the script, but expect more from me in the future!

Edit 11/11/16: Whoo boy, it’s been a whole year since I did anything like this. I’ve fixed up the old script and added some new features. I still wanna add a few more before I’m completely done with it, but for now I think this is pretty good. Lemme know if any of you all want any other features!


Version 1.1.0, 11/11/16: Removal of MVCommons requirement, optimization compatibility and optimization fixes with YEP Shop Menu Core, new notetag <Sell Percent: X> added, new notetag <No Sell Bonus> added, plugin command CustomSellBonus added, new plugin parameter Bonus Variable added.

Version 1.0.0, 11/2/15: Plugin released!

Moving, what I’m doing, etc.

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As it turns out, I’m moving at the end of the month, so I probably won’t be posting anything soon after the 31st(Not that I have any readers, really I’m just talking to myself here). But I wanted to post, just so I can get used to it. I’ve never really maintained a private blog before, so please pardon the inconsistency between posts.

As for things I’m working on, I’m working on two RPG projects, one simply code-named ZV RPG, which will feature a huge ‘block’ based class tree, and the other is called Aerosa Chronicles, but I’m probably going to change the name eventually. The main difference between these two games, since they’ll be built on similar engines, Aerosa Chronicles will be a more traditional RPG, while the ZV RPG will be more tactics and strategy based.

For example, there will be a total of 33 classes in the three main categories, called blocks. The first block is the Melee Block, which has the more physically powered classes. The second block the is Speed Block, which has the classes that are pretty much guaranteed to strike first, but their power and defensive abilities can be sub-par compared to the Melee or Magic blocks. Speaking of, the third block is the Magic Block, which contains the magic oriented classes. Each block has 3 class lines, and a total of 11 classes each block. For example, the Melee Block has the Power line, which has classes that can deal out the most physical damage, as well as the Guard line, which not only has high defensive stats, can protect the other party members. The third line is a Balance line, which has somewhat balanced physical stats with a higher health stat, and can learn a variety of useful skills that the other two melee lines wouldn’t be able to learn. The Power and Guard lines can specialize even further once the entire class line is completely powered up, gaining a new class to use.

To be completely honest the classes were initially designed by a friend of mine upon my request, the system was mostly his idea, though I’ve tweaked it here and there and just need to find a way to implement it into the game. (Also just a note, there’s only 33 classes in the main categories. There will be more classes in other special categories, so yeah.)

Anyhow I’ve probably bored anyone who came across this blog. I actually just meant this post to test Windows Live Writer, but hey I guess there’s at least a little meaning to the post now… Until next time, I guess.

Icons what where?!

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As my first order of business on this new blog, which I’m sure has absolutely zero readers, I’m releasing a set of icons for use with RPG Maker VX and RPG Maker VX Ace. Granted I will add more to the set as I go, so if you happen to come across this blog, stay tuned for new additions to this set.

All sprites in this set are free to use in your own projects, regardless of whether your project is commercial or noncommercial; all I ask is that you don’t claim these as your own. You don’t need to credit me or anything, just don’t claim you made ’em. Got it?




Welcome to Old Orenia

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So I decided to open up a new, private, blog for myself… That’s pretty much all there is to it at this point. Don’t really know what I’ll blog about or anything…